Effective January 31, 2017

After 16 years of private practice, I have retired from Chiropractic and closed Amsden Chiropractic. I am embarking on a new career as Center Manager for Colorado Springs Imaging. I would be privileged to assist you with your future diagnostic imaging needs.

If you would like to continue your course of Chiropractic and/or massage therapy care, Dr. James Whidden, D.C., is accepting new patients from our office. His contact information is:

Dr. James Whidden, D.C.
Complete Chiropractic P.C.
9420 Briar Village Point, Suite 130
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 593-0300

It has been a pleasure providing Chiropractic care for my patients over these last 16 years and I am so thankful for your business.

Best wishes for your health and happiness.


Dr. Jeff Amsden, D.C.
(719) 271-7275 cell